My artwork…

Aesthetically, I tread a path between the figurative and the abstract in an effort to draw the viewer into an open-ended narrative. It is along this liminal path that pictorial ambiguity is heightened, seducing the viewer into an interpretive dance of agency from which meanings are generated. Put more prosaically, this means you or I will look at the work and say, “That looks like a… Or maybe it’s an… And this reminds me of….” And with furrowed or raised brow, we begin to create stories that reflect parts of ourselves, guided by the picture. A sort of dialogue opens up.

My practice has developed in recent years to incorporate elements of performance, installation and audience participation. This has been driven largely by my exploration of the Jungian concept of the collective unconscious—the idea that we all have access to a set of psychological ‘instincts’ that take the form of archetypal images. These mental patterns are common to us all and might be understood biologically as corridors in our brain’s structure that have become established over the course of human evolution. In any event, it was this that inspired my Contemporary Cave Painting concept, in which I solicit automatic drawings (i.e. scribbles) from the public in an effort to tap into the collective unconscious of a neighbourhood. More information and images are available on my website.

This blog…

Thoughts are such fluid things that they can be rather tricky. They generally overlap and intertwine, and they have a layered depth to them. ‘Conceptual currents’ can surge up from the deep and send scattered ideas bubbling and fizzing across the surface. So the first reason for writing this blog is to try to capture some of those ideas or thoughts—to hold them down and get them to explain themselves.

But I could just as well do that in a private journal, which brings me to the second reason. I want to connect. The Internet has been around for a little while now but I’m finally seizing the opportunity it presents to share with others, open discussions and spark mutual inspiration. So if anything I put up strikes a chord or triggers an interesting thought in you, drop me a comment! I’m always keen to learn about new ideas, facts and perspectives.

From handprints to photographs, urinals to happenings, ‘art’ (or ‘Art’) has become a notoriously baggy term that incorporates all these things—and more. The posts on this blog will be similarly varied in their subject matter, but underpinning them all will be a connection to art. In effect, I’m saying that a diverse mishmash of observations and musings will be united by an equally loose and vague term—which gives me plenty of scope to write about whatever I fancy!

Essentially, my blog offers a view of the world through this artist’s eyes.